About us

Bumble & Co is a candle and home fragrance small business based in Melbourne, Australia.

Established in 2020, Bumble & Co was born from my love of candles. Theres nothing better than walking into a space and having it completely transformed by the one candle in the corner of the room - its memorising.

The name ‘Bumble & Co’ holds a very special place in the heart of everyone in our team. This name is in honour of Aunt Janet. Janet, who recently passed away from breast cancer, was a happy, warm and kind spirited soul. Her homely ambience could light up a room quicker than any candle. The dream behind Bumble & Co was to somehow recreate that sense of warmth and joy that her laughter would bring to all those who surrounded her.

We here at Bumble & Co believe that of all the five senses, your sense of smell is the most moving of them all. The thought and belief behind one’s scent and the way they choose to present that scent can be so compelling and influential to both themselves, and the other people around them.

Bumble & Co candles are all hand poured with the same love and care that Janet showed to all of us. We hope that Bumble & Co products will bring this same energy to all households.